Itchy Feet

Crappy relationship after crappy relationship, then settling into a 4 year stint, holding down two part time jobs, and gaining my first class honours degree. I was set on becoming a food writer and I thought I had it all. 

So why was I so unhappy? 

It had been a turbulent couple of years; the birth of my baby sister, the death of my Granddad, plans to move house, achieving my degree, winning student of the year (yes I’m a geek, and proud), decided on the future career, fully emerged myself in everything to do with food, and just purchased the car of my dreams. Ups and downs of course, but still, none of these things explained or justified how I felt….

Trapped. Fidgety.

I knew I didn’t want to stay in the small town I had grew up in and yes, I wished I was paid more (doesn’t everybody)….but I loved both of my jobs and I was settled with my boyfriend. We seemed happier than ever; having just been for a romantic weekend in Rome, and planning to move just outside the town as soon as I had the money. 

Anyone else would have counted them selves lucky….but noooooo, not me.

Hence the title of this post. 

“Itchy feet” was usually a term I associated with wedding plans, but with none of those on the horizon my itchiness was identified on my 21st birthday. I opened a small gift handed to me by a family friend, known for her thoughtful and unique presents, to discover a single silver coin embossed with a map of the world. I flipped it over and read “The world is your oyster”. 

And there it was…the dilemma had been solved. The penny had dropped (excuse the pun)…I was not only hungry for more in terms of food, but hungry for more in general. In life. 

So, with the coin in my back pocket I began my quest; fueled by my love for food and, in the words of a dear friend…”In search of something spectacular”. 

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